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Democratic government is meant to be government by the people and for the people. However, if you want to play a role in government, you do need to put forth some effort. Vote. Attend local government meetings. Take the time to read about and become informed on various important issues. On this blog, we will post articles about government and politics. We hope that in reading these articles, you become more educated and aware of these topics. Also, we hope that inspires you to get more involved in government. It all starts with a little reading, and you can do that right here.


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Two Resasons To Support Campaign Finance Reforms

Running for any kind of political office is not an easy feat. Even if you have an incredible platform and are prepared to go to bat for the people, there is still so much more that must be tackled along the way. One major hurdle facing some people who would like to run for office is a lack of funding. Running television and radio spots requires a lot of money, and when you are strapped for cash your political goals may seem like a distant dream. Read More