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Getting Involved In Government

Democratic government is meant to be government by the people and for the people. However, if you want to play a role in government, you do need to put forth some effort. Vote. Attend local government meetings. Take the time to read about and become informed on various important issues. On this blog, we will post articles about government and politics. We hope that in reading these articles, you become more educated and aware of these topics. Also, we hope that inspires you to get more involved in government. It all starts with a little reading, and you can do that right here.


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Why You Need To Vote In Your Next District Attorney Election

The district attorney (DA), who is also known as the commonwealth attorney in some states, is the lawyer who represents the state in criminal proceedings. In general, DAs often run unopposed, and there is usually low voter turnout for these elections. Due to the significant power and influence of the DA, it is important to vote in your next election to influence future cases. Determining Criminal Charges The DA holds the power when deciding which, if any, charges will be filed against a person of interest. Read More 

Keys to SDVOSB Companies Purchasing Video Conferencing Software Through SEWP Contracts

If your business is considered SDVOSB, then you will be able to purchase a lot of IT products through SEWP contracts. If you're going after video conferencing software in particular, here are some tips that will foster these special IT purchasing activities. Test Out the Software Prior to Purchasing It It wouldn't be very wise to just purchase video conferencing software through SEWP contracts without having some experience using said software first. Read More 

4 Key Political Topics For Animal Welfare

Politics affects the welfare and treatment of animals. If you'd like to improve the living conditions of animals in the United States, getting involved with political lobby groups is a great place to begin. Lobbyists bring awareness to key topics and strive to create change through the legislative process. Here are four political topics relevant to the subject of animal welfare: 1. Animal Testing Animal testing is sometimes used to check the efficacy of medications and cosmetic products. Read More 

3 Reasons To Watch Your Local News

You get four different news emails delivered to your inbox every morning. You do research on issues that are important to you so you know how you want to vote. You read all your distant cousin's political social media posts, along with the shameless comment wars that follow. By doing all that, you feel like you must be informed about what's going on in the world. However, are you as informed about your local community or even your state as much as you are about what goes on in the White House and on the other side of the world? Read More 

Why Hiring A Notary Public Is Vital [And Essential Factors To Consider]

In recent years, fraud has been on the rise. In 2020, about 4.8 fraud complaints were filed at the Federal Trade Commission. As a way of deterring fraud, most state governments appoint a notary public to oversee the signing of crucial documents. So, if you plan to close a transaction, such as selling a home or opening a retirement account, you are advised to engage a notary public. Functions of a Notary Public Read More